Stuffed Taco Shells

Well as the name implies these are stuffed taco shells, but not your characteristic “shell” today we are doing jumbo pasta shells stuffed with a taco mixture. They have a great Mexican flavor and really look so much superior on a plate than the untidy classic tacos! I liked that these look elegant yet have…

Pork Cutlets in a Goat Cheese Caper Sauce

Meals don’t get easier than this one, I literally took what I had on hand and threw this gem together. You don’t have to use pork, chicken cutlets would work just as well.  I would stick to white meat on this one, as I think the red meats may not mesh to well with the…

Puerto Rican Ropa Vieja

  I remember the first time I had this meal, it was late and we were getting hungry our group of friends and us were wondering the street of San Juan looking to get something to eat. We happened upon a mom and son shop, and we filled up the middle of the restaurant by…

Panzanella or Bruschetta Salad

  What better way to use up leftover bread and veggies? This recipe was quick and delicious. Even if the bread and veggies sit in that wonderful dressing, the better it gets!! A tasty bruschetta salad that my Husband absolutely loved! Very appetizing! We thought this was an excellent panzanella. I will definitely make again….

Soy Glazed Pork over a Grilled Vegetable Salad

This meal was more about the salad than anything else.  You can make this salad and serve it with anything you can throw onto the grill, chicken, beef, fish.. Whatever your craving, I made a soy glazed pork roast to serve with this and the sweet from the roast complimented the tangy grilled salad wonderfully….