Piquant Grilled Salmon

As the name suggests this has a pleasant bite to it and leaves a great spicy tang in your mouth. I made this for dinner last night, I have really wanted to start cooking out of my comfort zone and in the past it has made an entire new arena of recipes for me. . …

Soy Glazed Pork over a Grilled Vegetable Salad

This meal was more about the salad than anything else.  You can make this salad and serve it with anything you can throw onto the grill, chicken, beef, fish.. Whatever your craving, I made a soy glazed pork roast to serve with this and the sweet from the roast complimented the tangy grilled salad wonderfully….


Gougères are a French Pastry that is basically a savory choux puff pastry. They are light and airy, reminiscent of a cream puff. Serve warm with a meal, cut them open and fill with more cheese, ham, chicken, tuna salad to make a delightful appetizer! These can also be served at room temperature and pair…

Cheese Steak and Homemade French Fries

  This is really quite an easy meal, I blogged it for the fries because I have always been a bit intimidated by making them without a fryer.  No more being anxious to do it now.  These are the best fries I have ever plated myself. Cheese steak and fries are a classic combination.  You can…

Curry Coconut Sausage with Chappatis

I am not sure how I started cooking with curry, but my love of curry and coconut is unyielding.  The combination can be used in so many different ways. Adding a bit of Thai spice to it and basil creates a completely different dish, try changing the protein and again you have a different conception….