Started getting myself set =)

So I went on Amazon and started ordering what I believe I’ll need to have a successful blog. The equipment to do the videos, camera holder, and planner. (I am sure there is more I will need and eventually get, but for now, this is my starting point)

The videos will be a nice addition to the site, rather than just the static photos.

The holder and lighting should help with leaving my two hands to work without interruption.

The planner and I think this is most important, I want to give myself a goal of three posts a week. Recipes are the majority of what I will be posting. I want to plan my goals in advance and research recipes that I can use for the blog. One goal is to have some new sections on the menu, gluten-free, dairy-free, and a combination of both.

Still trying to work on getting a recipe card indexer for the site as well.

Can’t wait to start on all of this as soon as I get the goodies in a week or so.

Laura LovingLife Goguet

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  1. lulu says:

    1A glass of champagne may help as well!


    1. It certainly can! Cheers


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