Pork Cutlets in a Goat Cheese Caper Sauce


Meals don’t get easier than this one, I literally took what I had on hand and threw this gem together. You don’t have to use pork, chicken cutlets would work just as well.  I would stick to white meat on this one, as I think the red meats may not mesh to well with the sauce I have created.  I do believe this would go great over mashed potatoes or rice, but I had some asparagus that needed cooking so that’s what I served.

All in all this was a creamy tasty meal and I would eat the sauce with nothing if given the choice.  Oh my so creamy and dreamy. lol

So I pulled out the following for this particular creation;

pork cutlets
butter (to cook them in)
salt and pepper to taste (your preference)
1 8oz log of goat cheese, I think mine was flavored with either honey or basil. (does not matter)
1 large onion
dried Italian seasoning
1 small container of capers
1/2 cup beef broth

So watch carefully, this is so easy you may miss something.  I almost think I could just show the pictures and everyone would understand the recipe.

Salt and pepper the cutlets then cook them in the butter until browned.


In the same pan add the cut onions and cook down until soft and fragrant


Add the broth


Add the goat cheese and melt stirring over medium heat


Add dried Italian seasoning


Allow to simmer some to bring out the flavors. Then add the capers and a small amount of the juice if you feel like you would like the briny flavors that would impart. (I did)


Cook until it thickens up a bit, plate the pork and your side and drench in the sauce.  No need to be modest here, we all know that its good!


Enjoy this super simple and elegant recipe.  Don’t tell anyone how easy it was, they will never guess.

Bon Apetit



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