Boneless BBQ Pork Ribs


So the Boneless ribs were on sale and really who does not like ribs right?  Well this is a super easy recipe that although calls for two hours to make you are only doing maybe 15 minutes of prep.  You can use a bottled favorite BBQ sauce for this.

Boil the ribs in salted water for ten minutes.


Remove from the pot of boiling water and place on a baking tray, cover in BBQ sauce and cook at 325 for 2 hours covered tightly in tinfoil.


After the cooking time is up, turn the broiler on high and cook, making sure to flip over until the ribs have a nice crispy outside.



I served with baked beans and homemade jalapeño cornbread bites.

This was sooo good, and very quick and easy to prepare.  Makes sure to get enough ribs for everyone!


Bon appétit


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