Monkey Bread Pizza


Ok so why am I on this Monkey bread kick?  Our youngest daughter was asking her brother what monkey bread was, he had no idea, so I tried to explain the concept of it to them. Of course while doing this I thought I could make a couple recipes to demonstrate the actual purpose of the monkey bread.  Monkey bread is traditionally a breakfast dish, but of course I am not going to stick to tradition here am I! I made this Christmas Eve, it was perfect to have while we watched movies and chatted.  Who does not love pizza? And this pull apart version can be filled with whatever your favorite pizza topping would be. The combinations are endless.

I however went the conventional route and made pepperoni and cheese.  I think it would be great with sausage and peppers as well!

You will need three cans of biscuits

Pepperoni (sliced)

Mozzarella cheese sticks or shredded

Marinara sauce for dipping

Garlic powder

Italian seasonings

A bunt pan

Cooking spray (butter flavored)



Roll out the dough and place your toppings on it, close and roll it.




Once you have made all of them you can roll them in some garlic powder and Italian seasoning, the amount of which is entirely up to you.




place them into the bunt pan and cook at 325 for about 40 minutes.



remove and place on a large serving platter with sauce for dipping.  This would make a great appetizer as well!



I hope you enjoyed the post, as always I can be reached at

Bon appétit


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