Banana Pepper Chicken (Slow Cooker)

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Super simple dinner that can be started when you head to work in the morning and ready when you get home.  I love the tanginess of the banana peppers mixed with the chicken.  The cous cous really cuts the acidity of the dinner and is a great vehicle for the chicken once it is finished.  Six ingredients are all we need for this amazing and very tasty dinner. We loved the way the flavor came together, how the meat just fell apart when it was done and mixed magnificently with the peppers and onions.  This is great for those people who are super busy and don’t have a ton of time to make dinner.  Just a few minutes of prep in the morning and you have all you need to top your starch and have a wonderful dinner. Yes it is that easy!

2 packets Italian dressing (powdered)

1 jar banana peppers (I used mild)

1 package skinless boneless chicken thighs 2lbs

Cous Cous (I used tri colored) cooked as directed

1 onion chopped

Pepper to taste (I added a bit to the pepper mixture that covers the chicken)

  • Optional Sour cream (this is based on your taste)

In a slow cooker set on low heat put the chicken on the bottom.


In a bowl add the peppers and the juice in the jar, the Italian packets and onion. Mix and pour over the chicken.

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Make sure the chicken is completely covered.

The chicken will release juice as it is cooking and the little bits of skin that are inevitably left on the chicken will render down into the stock of this meal.


Cook for 8 or more hours on low. once it is done you can stir it with a wooden spoon and all the meat will mix with the sauce.

Optional, if you think the meal is too tangy you can add sour cream to the chicken mixture to tame it a bit before serving. My 14 year old loved it just the way it was, but some people may not have the same palate.  Either way with or without the sour cream it is an amazing meal!


Plate some Cous Cous and top with the chicken mixture.

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I hope you enjoyed the post/recipe.  If you would like to reach me you can do so at

Bon appétit


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  1. Robin says:

    I made this today using chicken breasts and a pint of my canned banana peppers from my garden. I served it over a hoagie bun. It was delicious and so simple to make! Thanks for the recipe!

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