Easy Orange Décor (a Most Wonderful Fragrance)

IMG_9398I was screwing around on Pinterest looking at thanksgiving stuff when I cam this pin.. 755e2ec8218e95f20f6aa9696b0f087e

Although I did not get to fancy with mine, I still received amazing comments on the smell and the presentation.  Just peel with a zester in designs throw a couple whole cloves in there and plate. I used cranberries and fresh herbs with mine. If you’re doing a dinner party during the holiday season this is a good opportunity to try this! Just wanted to share!




Thanks for taking a peak




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  1. so pretty. How long do they last? I remember doing this when I was a girl. Been so long. Maybe I should do it with my girl.


    1. They say if you cover all the white rind with the cloves, it will eventually dry out the entire orange and they can be hung up afterwards. You need to do it in the winter months when it is very dry in the house. Mine still smell awesome, even without all the cloves!


  2. heatherjoie says:

    ohhhh what a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing, I know whats going to be part of my centerpeice now!!!


  3. Barbara Amburgey says:

    I was just telling Ally how I made pomanders for Christmas gifts my first year at college!
    Love these!!!


    1. Thank you Barb! I had no idea these were actually named something! ❤


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