Over 20,000 people have been to my site!

I am Happy

It is odd, I started my site to help my children learn and continue recipes they grew up with, and in the end I ended up learning so much more.  I wanted them to broaden their horizons; so I, in turn broadened mine. I am crazy about learning new recipes and how many different ways I can violate a chicken!  How many meats, cheeses, eggs (yes eggs, try an Ostridge egg  one day, they are not all made the same) I can turn into amazing meals. Some good, some amazing, some we would rather forget…  I realized how much more there was by doing this.  I have loved cooking for a long time, but by putting myself out there, I gained so much more. I saw that I made over 20k in hits on my site!  I am just short of two thousand email followers and just about 200 fellow bloggers. That to me makes me feel accomplished, but better yet it helps me to realize passion is worth what you want to give it!  I love my fellow bloggers, we connect share and exchange! Life is good! Let’s keep on keeping on! I understand this is a hobby but I am really quite happy with the results…..

Now if I can only get the jalapeño cooker from Nancy S. Kyme at http://campfirememories.wordpress.com/ to let me use her little prep device, all would be good in the world!  =)


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  1. lulu says:

    Wow, 2000 email followers is quite an accomplishment. Your work is well rewarded.


  2. that’s a lot of people!! And now 2,001!


    1. YAY!! Thank you I followed your blog as well!


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