Warm Chicken Bruschetta Meal


I adore making Bruschetta; it is a pleasant fresh plate to make as an appetizer.  I prepared this and thought it resembled a Bruschetta, but more of a meal than a hors d’oeuvre.  This was truly effortless and quite appetizing.  I had a long day and came home much later than expected, needless to say I knew I had to put a meal together fairly quick if we were going to eat before it got too late.  This was the only dish I could think of that would be fast and tasty.  I started using Sauté Express; it saves time and actually packs in a load of flavor, particularly when you’re in a hurry.  Of course you can use butter/oil and your own herbs and seasonings that would be absolutely fine as well. I just knew with the time ticking away I would discover using this to be helpful. I had left over Italian loaf from a dessert I made yesterday, so this would make a great vehicle for the Creamy Chicken Bruschetta mixture I was putting together.  All of this is forming in my head as I am grabbing everything I think I will need to put it all together.

What you will require to recreate this meal is;

2 breast of chicken, boneless and skinless chopped into bite size pieces

1 square of Sauté Express garlic and herb flavored

½ onion chopped

1 small container cherry tomatoes cut in half lengthwise

½ pint size container of heavy cream

Parmesan cheese

Spray oil

Garlic powder

1 small container basil (chop the entire container stems included just make them small little bits)

Green stems from several herbs (for example, basil, parsley or cilantro) can be cut fine and tossed into anything you’re cooking in the precise same way you’d use the abundant leafy element of the herb. It is the same for celery; don’t buy your celery already cut into nice equal sized stalks! You are paying for something that is actually being taken away from you.  Use the leafy end in the meal you are making with them.  It adds a great element to the meal and you paid for it, might as well utilize the entire stalk.

As you can see this meal does not use too many ingredients to make it come together, which is also a great way to save if you’re on a fixed budget.

So I started by melting the sauté express as well as adding the chicken until cooked all the way through.


Remove the chicken and allow to cool. In the same pan add your onions, tomatoes and cream.


Allow to gently boil down. While that is cooking shred the chicken using a fork.


Add the chicken to the vegetable mixture and add the basil at this time as well; continue to cook down some.



The liquid will be about half when all is said and done.

IMG_8994 IMG_9009

Cut your bread spray with the oil and lightly dust with the garlic powder broil; (watching carefully) and place on a plate. Top with the chicken mixture and sprinkle a little parmesan cheese over the plate.


I think the presentation as well as the flavor would be a delight for the entire family!


I hope you enjoyed the recipe, and as always if you need to reach me you can do so by emailing me at LauraLovingLife@hotmail.com


Bon appétit



IMG_9013 IMG_9010

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