Homemade Wheat Fettuccini


According to KitchenAid good pasta dough is firm and leathery to the touch, but also pliable.  Remember it should not stick to your fingers or crumble and fall apart. Many factors, such as humidity, brand of flour, and size of eggs may affect the consistency.  To test for correct dough consistency, pinch a small amount of sough together after mixing with the beater. If the dough stays together without sticking to your finger then you are good to go. If it does not it may be necessary to add a bit of water/flour to compensate.

Remember when making wheat or spinach pasta it may be necessary to hand separate the pasta as the small pieces of bran  and spinach are hard to cut.

I made this for a nice “healthy” version of Scallops Alfred with sweet peas. I will blog that later.

This makes a lot of pasta and you can keep it for later recipes.

When making the pasta dry it for about an hour and nest the pasta and put into a ziplock bag.  You can make you favorite recipes at a later time for up to 4 weeks form the time you made the pasta.

So on with the recipe (with lots of pics)

You will need

5 large eggs

2 tbsp water

3 cups of whole wheat flour

½ tsp of garlic salt (I like flavor and garlic is a favorite, but most use regular table salt)

You may find depending on the size of the eggs or the flour that you need more water if so add one teaspoon at a time until you get the consistency you want.

Place eggs, water, flour, salt into a mixer bowl. Attach the flat mixer turn to speed2 and mix for 30 seconds.


Exchange the flat beater for the dough hook. Keep at speed 2 and knead for 2 minutes. Remove dough and hand knead for 2 minutes.  Divide the dough into 7-9 small balls.

IMG_6463IMG_6464 IMG_6465 IMG_6466

Flatten the balls and using the roller attachment Set the pasta sheet roller on the attachment to 1 by pulling the knob straight out and turning. Turn mixer to speed two feed the flattened balls through. Fold over and continue to feed through three or four time.

IMG_6468 IMG_6469 IMG_6472IMG_6450(I forgot to take a pic of folding over borrowed this from a previous post)

IMG_6477 IMG_6478

Move the knob setting to 2 and feed the dough through DO NOT FOLD THIS TIME. Continue to increase the roller setting making the dough thinner and thinner.

IMG_6480 IMG_6482 IMG_6483

Once you get where you want to be, and then install the fettuccini attachment.

Set to the 2 speed setting and roll the dough through, allow the dough tot set on a pasta drying rack or a clean towel. Let stand not more than an hour, sprinkle with flour and nest the pasta until you use it.

IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6485 IMG_6486 IMG_6487 IMG_6488 IMG_6489 IMG_6490

Cook in salted boiling water (fresh) 3-4 minutes if dried a bit then cook a little longer.

Ok; a long post; but man, this was worth it. I just had the pasta again tonight and it was still so good.  Wonder what I will make next!


Hope you enjoyed the post and If you should want to reach me you can do so at LauralovingLife@hotmail.com

Bon apetit


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  1. Making homemade pasta is one of my goals–and I definitely want to do whole wheat pasta. However, I unfortunately do not have a Kitchenaid stand mixer or attachments, so I guess I will hold off on that goal for now. :-/ It makes me sad, because these pictures make me want to make pasta even more!


    1. I have been waiting forever to be able to get them, and I love my kitchenaid mixer I use it for everything. I know people make pasta by hand crank rollers and even using a rolling pin. If your adventurous!



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