Basil Infused Speghetti



Ok or Mothers Day I received my kitchenaid pasta attachments (Thanks to my darling Hubby)  I have been wanting to make pasta for some time now, and these are going to make this new adventure in cooking so much easier. My first foray into the pasta zone is this little beauty; using dried basil incorporated into the dough was a bold move on a first timer’s recipe.  I figured it could not hurt and who does not like a little extra flavor in their food. I made spaghetti with this recipe as well as pasta sheets for lasagna.  Our Daughter loves spaghetti, so I told her I was making this for her.  She loved it!

As far as pasta making goes this was pretty straight forward.

3 ½ cups of flour

2 eggs

¼ teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons basil (dried)

1 tablespoon water

1 teaspoon oil

Mix the eggs water and oil together until frothy, add to the flour and incorporate the salt and basil.

IMG_6438 IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6441IMG_6435 IMG_6436 IMG_6437

I used the kitchen aid blender on 2 for 30 seconds, changed out the blender handle for the dough handle and used that on 2 for 2 to 3 minutes. Once the dough forms pull it out, with a little flour knead the dough for two more minutes. Separate into several small dough balls.

IMG_6442 IMG_6443 IMG_6444

Install the pasta roller attachment, set it to the number one setting. Flatten out a ball, turn the mixer on to #2 and put the dough into the machine.  When it comes through it will grainy and not so pretty, it is fine.  Fold the dough over and put it through again.  Do this three or four times.

IMG_6448 IMG_6449 IMG_6450

Move the setting on the roller to the number 2 setting and put the dough through (do not fold it over this time) put it through 2 to 3 times , then depending on how thick you want the pasta continue to move the numbers higher to get thinner pasta. I stopped at three.

IMG_6451 IMG_6452

Install the spaghetti attachment, and at the 1st setting run the dough through.  Place the dough on a clean cloth, sprinkle with flour and let stand for no more than an hour.  Cook in salted boiling water for 4 minutes.

IMG_6456 IMG_6457

Mackenzie had this with some butter and cheese.  Honestly it was a pleasant first time in the venture of pasta.  I will be doing Whole wheat pasta next.


I hope you enjoyed the recipe and look forward to many more pasta recipes in the coming posts =)

Bo  appétit


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