Chocolate Smore Bites



Yes yes yes I saw this on Pinterest.  On a weekend away, one of my girlfriends was trying to figure out a way to have the smores without getting the ooey gooey goodness all over.  I was browsing Pinterest and saw this.  SOOOO I decided how hard can it be to make these little tasty bites??  Not hard at all as it turns out.  Actually pretty easy, I would do this with a child and make a fun time out of it.


I used a bag of caramel covered marshmallows

2 Hershey bars melted in a double boiler

Several small stick picks.

Graham crackers crushed up

Stick a marshmellow on a stick


Dip in the chocolate


Dip in the crushed crackers and set aside.



EASY and tasty like little puffs of smores goodness.  Try this for an outdoor gathering if you don’t have a fire pit, they can still give the illusion of those times around the fire.





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    1. It was amazingly light compared to the traditional version of Smore’s!


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