Watercress Salad with Jicama and Seared Scallops


This makes a lovely lunch or side dish.  Jicama is sweet, crunchy and it tastes like a cross between an apple and a potato or a pear and a chestnut. This will bring a nice crunch to the salad.  Bonus it is only 45 calories per serving (1 entire cup) Watercress is full of wonderful benefits as well and is only 4 calories per serving. I also added arugula to round out this salad.

For the dressing I took some leftover pesto, added a little more oil and the juice of one lemon.  Very tasty.

I made two large Sea scallops for each salad. I love cooking scallops which are 1½ to 2 inches in diameter, they can be pan seared much like a filet mignon — with high heat producing a crispy outer crust, while leaving the center tender.

This was a great salad and the flavors and textures worked wonderfully together.

You will need one Jicama

Watercress and arugula for the salad

Salad dressing (your choice)

Salt and pepper



Sea Scallops (2 per person) Place them on a paper towel and try to remove as much of the liquid as you can.  We want the scallops to be dry, this way they don’t steam when we cook them.

To start, remove the skin of the Jicama then cut the flesh into cubes or strips. We will be sautéing the Jicama in a little bit of butter.


Add butter to the pan and sauté the Jicama until slightly browned.  Set aside to cool.


Place the pan over high heat and add oil to the pan. Season the scallops with salt and pepper. place the scallops on, you should hear the distinctive sear as they hit the pan. If not the pan is NOT hot enough.  Cook for about a minute or so, once the scallop releases from the pan it is ready to turn over, if it is stuck it is not ready.


Mix the greens and the Jicama together top with the scallop and drizzle with a little of the dressing.

I love salads and this was very very tasty!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe and use it.  Should you want to contact me you can do so at LauraLovingLife@hotmail.com

Bon Appétit


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  1. This looks great. I love Jicama and you demo the use very well. Thank you for including my recipe for sauteed sea scallops. Have a yummy day!



    1. Your Welcome and Thank you very much!


  2. thewhitedish says:

    Sounds great! I just tried jicama for the first time at a Red Robin with their hummus appetizer, I like it! I like the sound of this recipe if only I can get my husband to like sea scallops. I have a great sun dried tomato pesto baked salmon you might like if you like fish a lot. http://www.thewhitedish.wordpress.com, if I give this a try, I’ll reblog it!


    1. My Husband loves Salmon. I shall give this a try when he gets back from his trip. I love Scallops, don’t understand why people don’t give them a try, they are so yummy! =) thank you for the comment and the recipe!


  3. I love the education I’m getting on your blog. I have seen jicama at World Foods and wondered about it. Next time I’ll buy one. Thanks, Laura!


    1. Thank you Nancy! I watch a ton of the cooking channels and every time I see something I have not used I want to go out and get it right away! Jicama is great without cooking it as well. Excellent for salads.
      Have a great day!


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