Luscious Orange Lobster with Pappardelle


I could not wait to make this for Stephan and myself.  It was very fast and easy to make, and what a bang the finished meal was.  The Lobster had a really pleasant flavor, no need for a butter sauce; the sauce I cooked in was used for everything! This will certainly be a great way to cook any shellfish that you would like to flavor with a different spirit then the old standby, and I believe the dipping sauce and flavor infused into the pappardelle was phenomenal. I think this would be a great meal for guests; and if you are really short on time this should be considered for the instant gratification you get from start to each wonderful bite at the finish.

A lobster tail per person

(cut down the bottom center and separate the meat from the shell before cooking)

I forgot to do this and it is much harder to do once it has been cooked =(

Orange juice (not from concentrate) I purchased a half gallon and used about half of it. It will depend on how much you making. I’ll explain further down.

Lemon (for zest) and if you want some for garnishments


Old bay seasoning

Basil chopped up about three tablespoons

Salt and pepper (to taste)

1 stick of butter

1 package of pappardelle

2 cups white wine

This is going to cook fast and at a boil so make sure you have everything on hand and tin foil or an oven to keep things warm while the entire meal comes together.

In a large pot melt the butter and pour in orange juice and wine add basil and seasonings (to taste) I used more pepper and old bay than anything else. (You want the liquid to be almost to the top of the lobster tails.)


Bring to a boil drop in the tails and cook until bright red and the meat is opaque. About 3 minutes Don’t overcook as the meat will be chewy. Remove and cover or throw in an oven to keep warm.IMG_5673

If you need more liquid add more orange juice at this time, then add the pappardelle. Cook according to the directions on the package.


Once cooked remove the pasta and set aside covered or in the oven. Reduce the orange juice down until it is a little thicker, serve as a dipping sauce with the meal. Plate the pappardelle remove the meat from the lobster for presentation if you like and set with tail on plate sprinkle with lemon zest and serve.


Stephan was surprised when he saw the meal, and kept saying how good it was.  I love to cook him a great meal, and to have the compliments flowing does not hurt either.


I hope you try this recipe and love it as much as we did.  If you want to contact me please feel free to at

Bon Appétit


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  1. Great dish! Looks awesome!


    1. Thank you I really enjoyed the dish very much!



  2. trixfred30 says:

    God that looks amazing!


    1. It was so good! Never thought to cook shellfish in orange juice! It tasted sweeeet!
      Thank you for commenting!



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