Chèvre, Jambon & Pomme de Terre Potage

ham soup bowl
This soup was once again a meal created by using what I had on hand in the refrigerator. I absolutely adore coming up with on the fly meals and once they are done hearing the observations from my husband and daughter telling me how much they really enjoyed the meal. At times like this I am glad I keep a photo diary of what I did so I can save it and will be able to make the recipe again. (This is good because not three days later my daughter wanted me to make it again) =)
The pleasant thing about making this is you can either buy the ingredients or use just what you have on hand as well. You don’t need the bacon and ham, but you do need a creamy element, you could use heavy cream and additional spices rather than using the goat cheese, but I would recommend getting the goat cheese it lends a nice creamy texture as well as a great tangy flavor you can’t really recreate with a couple differing spices. Goat cheese, or chèvre (from the French for goat), is cheese made out of the milk of goats. When chèvre is served hot, it is known as chèvre chaud. Because goat cheese is often made in areas where refrigeration is limited, aged goat cheeses are often heavily treated with salt to prevent decay. As a result, salt has become associated with the flavor of goat cheese.
Have fun with it and as I said once you are comfortable you too can go to the refrigerator open it and create a meal out of nowhere and have people wanting the recipe!
I used the following ingredients;
Red potatoes cut into bite size pieces
1 onion cut in half and sliced thin
4 celery stalks chopped
Chicken broth (32oz)
Sea salt (small amount the cheese is salty)
Chili powder
Garlic salt
Canadian bacon chopped ½ lb
Bacon bits ¼ cup
Goat cheese about 4-6 oz
Red roasted tomatoes about 1 oz
And a small amount on cranberry (gave a tiny sweet tang) Optional of course
Like I mentioned earlier this was all items I needed to use soon so they would not go to waste.
Take the potatoes (cut) and cook them in the chicken broth along with the onions and celery until soft Add the basil, salt and garlic as wellcook for about twenty to thirty minutes.

ham & potato soup
Cut the ham and add to the soup, along with all the other ingredients (most to your taste) add the cheese and continue stirring over a med low heat until completely incorporated.

IMG_4912 IMG_4913


This was a great and easy meal to create and can be altered in many diverse ways to your personal preference.
As always your comments are welcome, I can be reached at
Bon appétit

ham soup bowl
Some people like to paint pictures, or do gardening, or build a boat in the basement. Other people get a tremendous pleasure out of the kitchen, because cooking is just as creative and imaginative an activity as drawing, or wood carving, or music.
Julia Child

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  1. midatlanticcooking says:

    That looks like a great soup, but it is not a Consommé, a Consommé is a broth that has been filtered using a “raft” made of pureed meat, vegetables and egg whites to make a perfectly clear and fat free broth.


    1. Thanks I will change the name


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