Easy Oreo Donut Bites

My friends are so addicted to Pinterest right now, either for the planning of events, for their businesses, or as one has said recently it is relaxing. I understand the concept of Pinterest and I use it although not with the fervor some do. I however did see a nice little pic of donut bites. When I saw it I briefly took note of it and never thought of it again until today. My son turns 25 this weekend and he loved Oreos when he was a kid, I decided to try my hand at making these little bite size pleasures today to get a feel for them before I made something for him for his birthday.


You will need a can of Pillsbury dough grand’s
Cooking oil of your preference in a large pot
Sugar or Oreos crushed

Heat the oil on med high just above the middle mark, not too high the outside will cook quicker than the inside.
Cut the grands into quarters and put them in, stirring until all sides are browned nicely.

IMG_4867 - Copy IMG_4868 IMG_4869 - Copy IMG_4870 IMG_4871

Remove from oil to a paper towel, then while still hot roll in the Oreo crumbs or sugar the heat from the donut will melt the sugar or cookie and help it adhere to the donut. Set aside and finish off the biscuits.


This was really quick and easy and pretty tasty. Just thought I would share.


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  1. So much for my News Years resolution. Down the drain or into the mixer now 🙂


    1. That’s too funny!!


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