Time, and the enjoyment I get out of it!


The New Year has begun and we are still here; living, breathing and thankful to God for our Blessings! All the holiday décor has been carefully tucked away, waiting the next holiday season. Our holiday rituals have all been performed, and all the relatives and friends have had their fill of visitors and visiting. It is that small hush that you get just after the holidays where everyone is exhausted from the shopping excursions, the traveling and the anticipation.  It is a small reprieve where it feels like you’re in no particular rush to accomplish anything; you have reevaluated yourself, your life and your progress. You start thinking of your resolutions (that most break by the second month) How this year will be different in same way shape or form.  Everyone has this peeling of the layers of self, that they discard at the new year with a fervor that is a once a year accomplishment for most. Congratulations to those who can stick with their wants and needs and accomplish the end results.


Weeks are flying by and we are amazed every day how fast the weeks are going and how quickly time is passing by.  I remember when I was younger and time seemed to stand still, the adults would say “enjoy it while you can, the time will start to go by fast and you will wish you were able to enjoy it like you can right now!” Did we enjoy it? Did we take advantage of time when we were younger? Did we really listen and accept what the adults were trying to impart to us?  I for one can say a giant, Big Fat NO!!!  Do I wish I had listened, tried to take a glimmer of awareness out of the insight of these adults, Yes I Do! But alas there is nothing we can do about it now, and as an adult trying to impart the same knowledge to the younger generation I see myself in the opposing role I too was faced with. AND I know that they are thinking the same thoughts I thought.  Your old, you have no clue, you don’t understand and you are from a different era, not mine… and in part that is true, but with that being said; I am happy to be on the giving end this time and to have the knowledge for myself finally. I know that we are all living the same lives in different ways, and that we are all essentially the same. Only some learn and others fight it, I accept this life and it has brought me to the conclusion that I have everything I could ever need, I don’t want for anything in particular and I am so happy in life with my family and friends that I am just relaxed, enjoying this time for the first time in a long time, that feels a lot like when the adults would tell you, “enjoy it while you can” I got back that slowing of time for a small daring second, and Boy am I enjoying it for all I can!!


Have a Blessed Day, and remember you don’t need a lot in life to get a lot out of life! Persevere and enjoy with every fiber of your being! I certainly am!



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