Chicken Quesadilla with fresh salsa



This is a really swift and fresh way to have a nice lunch or light dinner. You can throw this together in a hurry and it is quit filling. I really was having a hard time figuring out what to make my daughter and I one evening. This for me is unheard of. Since it has just been the two of us all week, we have been living off of leftovers and whatever was in the freezer. I really was dying to make something that would be good for the two of us and not have a ton of leftovers. I went to Harris Teeter and looked over the fish and meats and for the life of me could not come up with anything that I wanted to make, I was feeling uninspired. I decided to make a nice cilantro salsa and throw together some chicken quesadillas. In the end I am glad I did this and it turned out really tasty and satisfying for the two of us.
For the salsa you will need fresh tomatoes I used two but if done again I would use three. Once the tomoatoes are cruched let them sit in a strainer. One bunch of cilantro, 1 onion, 2 jalapeño peppers. Chop everything up, I used my ninja for this and it does make this a breeze to prepare. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Take a package of chicken tenders and boil them in a pot of salted water. Once cooked remove and shred with two forks. You would be amazed at how much chicken this produces.

Get your flour tortillas and add cheese, salsa and chicken to them. Fold over and cook in the oven at 350 until browned.

Serve with some sour cream and a bit more of the salsa.


Bon Appétit

In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men’s underwear.”
Julia Child quote

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  1. allaboutchantelle says:

    One of my favourite things to order in a restaurant but I have never made it at home before but maybe I should 🙂


    1. It is really a nice meal, and quit easy to prepare. Give it a try you may surprise yourself. =)


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