Orthoboli or Easy Stromboli =)

Our Daughter MacKenzie named the meal as she was the one who kind of came up with the idea. The reason for the name, she was getting her top braces on yesterday. While in the office waiting for our turn, we could see the TV but could not hear it. One commercial (for Pillsbury dough) showed a man making a roll up and cutting it for appetizers I believe. After her appointment was over we went to get some groceries and decided to try a similar recipe.  Of course we were at the orthodontist and the creation was a type of Stromboli =) hence the name. We had a hard time deciding on what we would put into this meal, but in the end it was all worked out and we had a great time together.

You could fill this with whatever you like, she decided on the buffalo chicken type of filling.  It was really yummy, and we thought the ends would be very bready, but the filling went all the way to the ends so all of it was tasty.

You will need

1 Pillsbury can of thin crust pizza dough

1 can zesty tomatoes chopped

1 bag mozzarella cheese shredded

Blue or ranch dressing

Oregano spice or Italian spices

Hot sauce

Shredded chicken (you can get this canned as well)

Roll out the pizza dough and cover with the entire can of tomatoes (squeeze out the juice)

Top with cheese, chicken, spices and either blue or ranch dressing and as much or as little hot sauce as you prefer.

Roll the sucker up and put on a metal baking dish.

Cook in a preheated oven at 400 degrees until browning, lower top 325 for an additional 10 minutes. Remove and serve!

Mackenzie really enjoyed this meal and loved being the creative force in the kitchen today.

Bon Appétit

LauraLovingLife and MacKenzie

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  1. This looks amazing! Thanks for the pingback…maybe this will be the next buffalo recipe I try =) Definitely following your blog for more recipe ideas!



    1. You are absolutely welcome! It was really easy and tasty. I think this will be a great go to meal when you are short on time. The guys would love this as well!


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