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Got Your Holiday On!

Without this playing with fantasy
no creative work has ever yet come to birth.
The debt we owe to the play of imagination
is incalculable.
— Carl Jung

Everything that happens, comes first from the imagination. All that you have ever accomplished, you first visualized in your mind. What do you imagine when you think of your future? Do you see the problems, the things that might go wrong? Or do you see the opportunities and the triumphs?

There are no limitations in your imagination. You can visualize anything you wish. You’re not bound by physical reality, financial troubles, fear, rejection, or any of the other things that hold you back in “real life.”

Visualize the future, and let your spirit soar. Leave your limitations behind, and see your life as you would truly like it to be. The life you create, is first created in your mind. Visualize the…

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