Puff Ravioli covered in a truffle béchamel topped with scallops

Ok this one is a not so good for you meal it is more a comfort meal. =)


Um this was a made up one, so I can tell you what I used but I don’t have measurements. It however came out really good and I thought I would share my weird creation.

Olive oil

Mascarpone cheese

Truffle seasoning


Pizza dough x2

Heavy cream



Salt and pepper to taste

Add truffle seasoning to the mascarpone cheese and mix well.  Roll out the pizza dough thin and evenly so they will fit together when done. Add a dollop of cheese to the pizza dough and cover with the other dough. Cut the cheese into squares and flatten a bit with your hand. Use a fork to make the edges fasten together. Heat oil in a skillet on med high heat and sear the puff raviolis, transfer to a baking dish and finish cooking in the oven at 350.

For the Béchamel add a couple teaspoons of butter to a hot pan and about 3 tablespoons of flour once melted. I also added the truffle seasoning to my béchamel. Whisk together and once incorporated add the cream slowly until you have a nice creamy sauce. Salt and pepper to taste.

In a skillet heat up some butter and seasonings and sauté the scallops until opaque and white. I like a nice sear on mine.

And there you go, believe it or not this was a tasty little creation. My daughter said it will have to be made again!

Bon Appétit

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephan says:

    Laura’s cooking is so good and healthy too, love it.


    1. Oh thank you Darling, I know you love my cooking!


  2. FoodieMel says:

    Wow–this is decadence!!! Looks soooo good!


    1. Yes it was, and certainly not something that should be eaten everyday lol my waistline would not like that! Thank you!


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