Coca-cola Ham Shank

Ham is a unique meat product in that there are many different ways it can be processed, packaged and labeled. Grocers stock canned hams and spiral-cut hams, and offer bone-in, boneless, cured, smoked and fresh varieties. That doesn’t even begin to mention the different regional varieties such as Smithfield and cuts such as prosciutto. No matter which flavor and type you prefer, they’re all great sources of nutrition.

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I served this with a baked sweet potato and salad. Use the leftovers for the previous quiche =)

Cook the ham according to the directions, whisk together the remaining ingredients and pour over the ham 20 minutes before the end o fthe cook time. Was very moist and flavorful. YUMMY

You would be amazed at how much less it costs to creat your own salad rather than buy bagged!


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