Just because “I Love you” Flowers from my husband!

How charming it is to have your sweetheart, hubby, BFF, whatever you have in your life, come home and bring flowers, “Just because” with a face beaming  and a heart on his sleeve. I love when he shows me he loves me. Like when he tells me how fantastic my cooking is, how great the house looks and how my positive attitude in everyday life makes him feel good. Gods Blessings are universally everywhere and when you take the occasion to really notice; it comes back and alters your life for the better.

People think of Karma as a slap in the face of wrongdoers, I see Karma as a welcoming surprise, good flows out and good flows in ALWAYS!!

Love and Sunshine to all, God Bless!

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  1. Mary Peterson says:

    That is so sweet!! If he’s not careful he might ruin his reputation!! LOL
    love you girl


    1. Thank you Mary! How are the McPetersons doing this lovely weekend? Will you be going to Girls Weekend for the Massages and wine?


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