Mom’s Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes’ with a side of Collard Greens



I absolutely love Sunday Dinners with my magnificent family. The kids come home with their families and we all have a great evening together around the table catching up on what has happened during the week. I can’t tell you how much it swells my heart to have this moment in time with them, and to know that they love coming home as well.  These memories will last them and their children a lifetime!  Family meals are a big deal in our house and are not completed around a TV, they are prepared around a table.


This is my recipe for Meatloaf that is flavorful and quick.


I use single serve trays to make individual meatloaf so that it cuts the time way down to cook them.  About thirty minutes.


What you will need for the Meatloaf.


Ground Beef Just over 1 pound

Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage

1 package of stuffing (I use Stouffers)

1 package of onion soup mix

3 eggs

1 sweet onion chopped up


Mix all the above ingredients’ together in a mixer (the kitchen aid works well for this)




once the mixture is complete remove and divide into the individual trays.









(Optional) you can blend ketchup and brown sugar and make a great tangy sweet sauce for the top of each loaf.


Cook at 400 for thirty five minutes


For the mashed potatoes’ you will need


8oz Sour Cream

Half stick of butter

small bit of shredded cheese (optional) I like it with mozerrela

Salt pepper

3 eggs

Green onions cut up into the mixture


Cut up into small pieces the potatoes’. (I always wash the skins but keep them on) Boil until soft.


Drain and add sour cream, butter, eggs, onions and salt and pepper to taste.


Mix with a mixer and enjoy, the eggs will cook in the heat of the potatoes’.


For the Collard Green


Large bunch of greens

2 32 oz box’ chicken stock

Carved ham that can be purchased in the deli meats section



Boil the ham in the chicken stock, add the collard green, cut into thin strips.

Boil until cooked down, remove and add butter if needed. 






Bon Appétit

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  1. My own Mother would love this recipe Laura. She’s fond of a particular bought stuffing mix and would love this. Your potatoes sound delish too. Think I’ll make this for my folks this Sunday!


  2. My son who is 24 has two favorite recipes, this one and my corned beef and cabbage. I told him it was very easy to make and ever so flavorful! Let me know how your mom likes it!


    OMGoodness, this has to be the most delicious meat loaf recipe i have ever run across, and I was just telling my husband I wanted to cook a delicious meat loaf for dinner one day this month. You gave me my recipe, thank you, I would love to reblog this to my blog, please let me know if its ok. Betty


    1. Absolutely, I have a couple other Meatloaf recipes I really need to put up here as well. this one is very tasty though and I am sure you would love it. Enjoy and thank you for the comment.



  4. Reblogged this on lovelyseasonscomeandgo and commented:
    this meat loaf recipe has to be the delicious recipe for meat loaf I have seen yet, I have to try this one really soon, like this months menu plan


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