Food for the Baby Shower

So I hosted the Baby Shower for my Sons Fiancé Jessica.  What a great time we had, it was an enormous success and everyone had a superb time.  Best of all I made a new friend who loves to bake and cook.  Her website is I can absolutely without a doubt vouch for the amazing confections this woman puts out!  Better yet her Hubby makes homemade Sausages and he is a cook as well.  I am so Blessed to have met them!

She made a sugar-free cheesecake and it was so light and fluffy and just delectable!


Sugar free Cheesecake

A savory Cheesecake for dipping with crackers was a creamy delight and with just the right amount of spice to give it a kick!


Savory Cheesecake, with a spicy spin!


Susan (the Amazing woman who made these creations) was kind enough to make David a carrot cake (his favorite) It was so incredibly moist!


Carrot Cake for David =)


The Cake for the baby shower was soo wonderful, with all of the handmade chocolate items on top; not a bit went to waste!




I wanted to get her wonderful pictures up and share with everyone. Go to her website, and if your ever in need of some baking for your next gathering, this is the woman to go too!!


God Bless!

Let me know what you think!

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