Easy Baked Brie

I know as I get used to posting what I make I will start taking evolution pictures.  I at this time I have been taking the completed product picture and then just enjoying the outcome. =)

 At a Christmas Eve party we went to, I prepared baked brie with Pear and Apricot. I have never made this previous to this occasion, I have however purchased the one already made and just baked it.  I figured how hard can it be…???

 My ingredients were;

ü      Pillsbury pizza dough (one for each brie)

ü      Real fruit jam such as Bonne Maman(whatever flavor you wish) I know all our local stores sell this in the jam section

ü      2 wheels of the small brie 10oz

ü       About 2 tbsp of milk

ü      One egg beaten

ü      Spray oil

I took the pizza dough and rolled it out naturally, no need for a rolling pin. Place the brie (rind on) in the middle of the dough. (Note, the dough will be larger than the brie wheel)  put the Jam on top of the brie wheel then fold the dough over first two opposite corners, pinch off excess dough and rub with a bit of milk to fasten the edge, do the same for the other two edges sealing the brie in the dough. With the surplus dough I made some decorative leaves and placed them on top hiding the seal.  Pat the outside of the dough with the whisked egg and bake at 325 until golden brown, about 20 minutes.  Slice the ooey gooey creation and set next to crackers or bread.  Enjoy!!

Let me know what you think!

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