Chicken with Goat Cheese Sauce

So last night was just the hubby and I, no large meals to make, and all I had for sure was chicken tenders that I purchased the day before.

Again I looked at what I had around the house and came up with the following for our meal.

Pam spray

Chicken tenders

Goat cheese

Ragu sauce

Penne Pasta

Cream of corn

Chopped Garlic, salt and pepper

As we all know, even when I follow a recipe I in no way or very rarely measure anything.  I try to base my cooking on instinct and inclination.  I took about a quarter of the box of penne to boil. While it was boiling, I sprayed a pan with pam, and cut the chicken into little pieces. Note, to make it very easy, slightly freeze the chicken, and cut with a set of kitchen shears. I put salt pepper and  garlic in with the chicken to give a nice  flavor to it. The amount is all based on your partiality.

After the chicken was cooked (no longer pink) I added about half of the 10 oz goat cheese I had on hand, you can add more it melts into a superb creamy sauce that covers the chicken very adequately.

After the cheese had melted I added a very small amount of the ragu sauce maybe a 1/4 cup. Stirred it all together and added a half can of creamed corn.

For the pasta I like to add a bit of sweet cream butter and dill, or Basil for color.

If I had been making this for the whole family I would have used more of the ingredients.  What I like is that I can make a meal on the fly without worrying about finding a recipe or whether or not I have what I require. I just make it up as I go.  After doing this for such a long time it has been very easy for me to create with food the same way someone would paint a picture.  They just know what goes together. LOL

Bon Appétit

Stephane loved the creamy mixture and it can easily be adapted to fit what you have on hand.  Enjoy! Bon Appétit

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  1. This one sounds and looks yummy. I am always looking for something new to do with pasta, putting it on our list.


    1. Thank you Cheryl, will have a bunch more recipes coming up in the near future! love you and I hope to see you soon, Your Big Sis!


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