An extremely easy appetizer for all!

As it were, with the Holiday Season upon us and running around as well as entertaining, I have a bit of  a hodge podge in the cabinets/fridge that can be used for almost anything. 

The other evening we went to a brunch with friends of ours, as you know eating later in the morning, but not eating lunch left my family famished by the time I was getting ready cook for the evening.  I needed a quick appetizer that I could make without running to the store. So after looking through what I had in the refrigerator and cabinet I came up with a wonderful and satisfying appetizer to hold them over until dinner without ruining their appetites.

What I found was a 10 oz wheel of brie (left over from a gathering I hosted the week before)

A leftover baguette (leftover from dinner the previous evening)

A jar of brushetta (sweet pepper and onion) (left from a girls weekend ~ Never opened)

A bit of olive oil and garlic powder (some normal stables in the house)

I cut the baguette into 1” think slices (you can use any thick sliced bread)

I then took the olive oil and garlic powder and mixed the two. (The amount of garlic will depend on your taste)

Take the bread and dip one side in the garlic oil and set on a cookie sheet (sprayed with a bit of pam) face the bread oil side up.

Broil the bread until slightly browned, not completely, and make sure to watch them, they brown very fast.

Remove from oven, set oven temp to 325

Slice the brie and layer onto the bread, rind on.

Top with a teaspoon of the brushetta and cook until bubbly.

 Remove and enjoy this great quick and lovely appetizer for the family or when friends pop on over!!


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